Resource Based Economy

A Resource Based Economy is an economical model, that defines the criteria by which we can or cannot afford a consumable based on the resources required to construct it, rather than it's percieved value.

In simpler terms, it's an alternative to using money. I will not bore you or underestimate your intellectual capacity, with high flying utopian dreams, about how such a hypothetical economical system could or could not work, in some kind of perfect world that may never be, there are ample resources you can find on the Internet that already discuss this.

This website, was created with the intention of sharing information on the historical context within which these concepts first arose, as well as information on theoretical research that myself and my colleagues have done on the subject of applying such a system in the here and now, as well as our educated guesses and recommendations for the future.

We are a group of people who used to work together in the non-profit research organizations dedicated to these subjects. We are people with theoretical knowledge, technical expertise and practical busiess experience related to the research we did and unlike so many others, we do know what we are talking about. Most of my colleagues have decided to no longer activelly pursue this research, due to practical constraints, but I believe that it is important to share what we know. Hopefully this website will provide that bit of insight required to actually help somebody out there.

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