Nested Energy Accounting

If I am not mistaken, the premise suggested by Jacque Fresco on how they will accomplish a Resource Based Economy, is that if enough people learn of it's possiblity the change will happen by itself.[1] At a glance this seems even more naive than the attempts of Technocrats to convert all of North America to an untested system of Energy Accounting, with nothing but their recommendation to back it up.

One has to recognize that an economical system cannot just change overnight.[2] People use economic systems as an agreement of what is fair and equitable in daily life and changing this, progressing to a moneyless society if you will, inherently has to happen in a way that does not disrupt their ability to get resources needed for survival while the change is in progress. Even the attempt to superimpose Energy Accounting as an additional cost system upon the existing monetary system -- that is saying you can't spend your money if you don't also have the Energy Credits to pay for the item, seems doomed to failiure, as there is no advantage to accepting this new limitation, over simply continuing to use only money.

Our research on Energy Accounting, recognized these downsides and we therefore focused our efforts on attempts to create tiny Energy Accounting bubbles that function independently within the existing economic system. Theoretically, if Energy Accounting as a system, yielded an advantage over the monetary economic system around it, such a bubble should be able to grow and eventually overtake the existing system without the need for major disruptions in people's lives or choices.

Researching how exactly to implement these bubbles in the real world, we proposed the concept that existing and legal non-profit organizations be used to facilitate this change.[3] Within themselves or perhaps even amongst each-other, non-profit organizations could use an alternative monetary system without voilating any law or custom, while remaining bound the monetary system for most of their outside resources.[4]

These findings have had a major impact on our work. Our research group as well as at least one Zeitgeist-movement related organization redirected their efforts to a non-profit activity, based on which we could establish our alternative economy bubbles. This in turn has led to a lot of practical experience in dealing with resources and some more understanding the limitations of what is practical to be implemented in the real world.


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